Join Me to Discover the Six Steps to Fast-Track Your Business Fightback and Grow Your Empire at the

Business Recovery Summit

Friday 27th November 2020, from 11am – 2pm (AEDT)


Why You Must Attend This Free Business Recovery Summit

Has your business taken a massive financial hit since COVID?

Do you feel like you are drowning in debt, struggling to keep afloat and desperately need help?

Does your current situation make you feel trapped with no clear path to recovery?


These unforeseen challenges have taken a toll on businesses worldwide. However, there are also thousands of businesses that are thriving and growing at a rapid rate in these unprecedented times.

These are savvy businesses that have tools, systems and strategies in place to protect them against outside influences and allows them to create their own economy.

Discover their secrets and how to implement them into your business from the world’s leading authority on not only increasing your sales but building your Empire; Aaron Sansoni.

Join Aaron for his 3-hour Business Recovery Summit where he will personally guide you through his 6 Steps to Recovery.

These are the tools and the plan Aaron uses in his own business and teaches his Private Mentoring Students and business leaders around the world to ensure they not only survive the crisis…but thrive on the other side.

Here’s a Taste of What You’ll Learn

Aaron’s secret six-step formula to transform any business from where they are now, to a thriving empire that is fortified from outside influencers and economic downturns

How to get a real birds-eye view of where your business stands so you know your ground zero starting point to build your empire

The keys to developing a winning action plan to fast track your recovery and generate profits

How to develop the winning attitude to guarantee you succeed in any economy

How to keep your business fluid and not stagnate for continual growth

The secret of celebrating small wins to hit big goals

How to navigate the government assistance minefield and benefit from this resource

How to identify possible new income streams to diversify your cash flow and stabilise your business

The processes you must have in place to future proof your business from being affected by another situation like COVID-19

Why it’s important to reflect on how far you have come and identified what is working right now so you can ramp up the profit generators in your business and cut the waste

The secrets to building what Aaron calls, an Empire, and how you can do it

How to not only recover from the pandemic but thrive in the next 12 months

How to fall in love with your business again as it creates the income and lifestyle you dream about

And so much more in 3 short hours.

After just 3 hours, you’ll be armed with the complete plan to pull your business out of the current situation you find it in, and on the road to recovery with a brighter future than pre-pandemic.

Join Aaron Live Online

Friday 27th November 2020, from 11am – 2pm (AEDT)

Who is the Business Recovery Summit For

The business owner who is financially struggling and is looking for a solution

The business owner who is looking at the real possibility of shutting their doors for good in the coming weeks or months and wants help

You, if your business has been hit with huge setbacks, and trading is almost non-existent crippling your income and way of life

You if you are recovering from the effects of the pandemic and trying to build your trade back up

You if you have experienced fantastic growth during these times and want to know how to leverage that growth to continue your trajectory

You if you want to know how to create a recovery plan for your business

The business owner who wants to protect their business from being affected by any future economic crisis by implementing proven systems, tools and strategies that work

The business owner that wants to know what other businesses have been doing to take advantage and crush it during the pandemic

The business owner that wants to discover new opportunities to grow their business

The business owner that wants to learn my million-dollar strategies for free

Don’t make the mistake of believing everything will go back to the way it was. Conducting business has changed and for you to recover and thrive, you must change to meet these new demands.

Come and spend 3 hours with me and let me show you my million-dollar strategies, tools and systems that allow my business and those of my clients to continually grow and prosper.

After all, it’s only 3 hours of your time, and it’s YOUR business at stake.

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6 Steps to Recovery

Unlock your real-time strategies so you can instantly increase your impact, income and influence.

Meet Aaron Sansoni

Global Mentor, Investor, Philanthropist, Best-Selling Author and Recent Nominee for Australian Of The Year & Entrepreneur Of The Year.

Aaron Sansoni, the man who built an EMPIRE. He is an international speaker, best-selling author and recent nominee for Australian of the Year 2017 and Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2016. Featured in over 20 publications around the world, Aaron runs a successful venture capital company with interests in media, tech, events, retail, and real estate projects around the globe.

Aaron is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken at some of the most exclusive venues around the world and shared the stage with business icons including billionaire Sir Richard Branson, Hollywood A-Lister Arnold Schwarzenegger & world-leading speakers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss and Dr Eric Thomas.

Aaron has inspired the lives of over 2 million people, in 42 countries from over 100 industries through live events and online training in his mentoring work which has spanned over a decade. As a global authority on Activation, he’s authored his best-selling book ‘Think Like’ which explores the millionaire mindset enabling anyone to build an empire of their own.




Join Aaron Live Online

Friday 27th November 2020, from 11am – 2pm (AEDT)